Irene Fernández
is if.
NYC based art director and designer.
I'm a fully integrated powerhouse, thriving in environments were no day or project is the same. You could also say I’m a Diva because (in Beyoncé’s words) Na, na, na, diva is a female version of a hustler!

The past ten years I've built my career working in-house for diverse brands, such as, NYCgo, Everlast Worldwide & Broad City. I'm an extremely versatile creative, capable of designing for both the digital and print space. I'm also a seasoned art director, with additional styling and post production skills earned from working many shoots; my all time favorite part of the creative process.
I was born and raised in gorgeous Puerto Rico, where I grew up training to become a professional dancer while also nurturing visual skills on the side. As a lover of both art forms, I moved to NYC in order to pursue both. I learned from the greatest at the School of Visual Arts, were I received my Graphic Design BFA in 2010. Now I always try to find the best ways to marry both of these passions as a freelance creative and performer. My favorite way of doing so is through costume styling–which I dabble with during my free time if I'm not dancing or boxing.
Let's collaborate! I’m sure we’ll have a ball :)
Thank you!
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