Irene Fernández
is if.
NYC based art director and designer.
I'm a fully integrated powerhouse, thriving in environments were no day or project is the same. You could also say I’m a Diva because (in Beyoncé’s words) Na, na, na, diva is a female version of a hustler!
I was born and raised in gorgeous Puerto Rico, where I grew up training to become a professional dancer while also nurturing visual skills on the side. As a lover of both art forms, I moved to NYC in order to pursue both. I learned from the greatest at the School of Visual Arts, were I received my Graphic Design BFA in 2010.
The past eight years I've mostly worked in-house for diverse e-comm, media & retail brands. I'm an extremely versatile creative, capable of delivering for both the digital and print space. My experience has ranged from creating for multiple digital channels, to designing and producing artwork for events, store windows, print collateral & packaging. I'm also a seasoned art director, with plenty of styling and post production skills earned from working many shoots; my all time favorite part of the creative process.
Now I always try to find the best ways to marry both of these passions as a freelance creative & performer. My favorite way of doing so is through costume styling–which I dabble with during my free time if I'm not dancing or boxing.
Let's collaborate! I’m sure we’ll have a ball :)
Thank you!
Did I mention I LOVE costume styling? Check these out ;) 
PS. My awesome header image was taken by the lovely Emily Kinsolving
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